USDCHF Price Receives New Bearish Signal – Forecast for July 11, 2024

by Jennifer

Today, the USDCHF price exhibits a mild bullish bias, nearing the 0.9014 level. However, stochastic indicators are beginning to signal negative overlap, potentially prompting the price to resume its anticipated bearish trend on an intraday basis, targeting the next support level at 0.8885.

For the continuation of the expected decline, it is crucial for the price to maintain below 0.9014. A breach of this level, however, would halt the correctional bearish scenario and possibly lead the price to revert back towards the main bullish trend.


The anticipated trading range for today is expected to fluctuate between support at 0.8900 and resistance at 0.9050.


Trend Forecast: Bearish

This forecast underscores the current market dynamics influencing the USDCHF pair, highlighting the potential for downward movement supported by technical signals, while emphasizing pivotal resistance and support levels to watch throughout the trading day.

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