NZDUSD Price Finds Strong Support – Forecast for July 11, 2024

by Jennifer

Following a bullish bounce from the anticipated target at $0.6070, the NZDUSD price is poised for potential recovery in the upcoming sessions, targeting initial gains with an eye towards $0.6140.

Today’s forecast maintains a bullish bias, with a pivotal point at $0.6100 likely to reinforce the positive outlook. This sentiment remains valid unless the price breaches and sustains a daily close below $0.6070.


The expected trading range for today is projected between support at $0.6050 and resistance at $0.6150.


Trend Forecast: Bullish

This forecast indicates the NZDUSD’s resilience, supported by recent bullish momentum and strategic levels, suggesting potential upward movements aimed at achieving targeted gains amid favorable trading conditions.

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