Zhongwulian: Steel market demand may continue to decline in June

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News on May 31, judging from the steel industry PMI surveyed and released by the China Federation of Iron and Steel Logistics Professional Committee, in May 2023 it was 35.2%, a month-on-month decrease of 9.8 percentage points, and a month-on-month decrease for three consecutive months, indicating that the operation of the iron and steel industry is weakening .

The changes in the sub-indexes show that the market demand continues to run weakly, the production of steel mills has declined again, the prices of raw materials have weakened in an all-round way, the prices of steel products have fluctuated downwards, and the operation of the steel market is relatively sluggish.


It is expected that in June, the steel market demand may continue to decline, the production of steel mills will have a certain pressure to reduce production, the price of raw materials will remain weak, and the price of steel will fluctuate at a low level.


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