No News for the NZD/USD Price – Forecast for June 25, 2024

by Jennifer

NZD/USD Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


The NZD/USD pair continues to trade within a tight range, remaining below the 0.6140 level. As a result, the bearish outlook persists, with an initial target of 0.6070. This downtrend is reinforced by the negative pressure from the EMA50.


For the expected decline to continue, it is essential for the price to stay below the 0.6140 level.

Expected Trading Range

Traders can expect the NZD/USD pair to trade within a range of 0.6050 support to 0.6160 resistance.

Trend Forecast

The forecast for the NZD/USD remains bearish, provided the price holds below key resistance levels.

Investors and traders should closely monitor these levels to navigate today’s forex market effectively.

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