AUD/USD Price Recovers – Forecast for June 25, 2024

by Jennifer

AUD/USD Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


The AUD/USD pair closed above the 0.6640 level yesterday, setting the stage for anticipated gains in the upcoming sessions. The day has begun with a bullish bias, reinforcing the prevailing bullish trend on an intraday basis, with a primary target of 0.6728.


The outlook remains positive as long as the price stays above 0.6640. A break below this level and holding beneath it would invalidate the bullish scenario.

Expected Trading Range

Traders can expect the AUD/USD pair to trade within a range of 0.6620 support to 0.6720 resistance.

Trend Forecast

The forecast for the AUD/USD remains bullish, contingent on maintaining levels above the key support.

Investors and traders should monitor these levels closely as they engage with today’s forex market.

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