Ethereum (ETHUSD) Price Loses Momentum – Forecast for June 20, 2024

by Jennifer

Ethereum (ETHUSD) Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


Ethereum (ETHUSD) is currently fluctuating around the EMA50, with the stochastic indicator losing its positive momentum and beginning to show negative overlap. This suggests a potential motivation for the price to resume its anticipated bearish trend on an intraday basis, targeting the initial level at $3360.31. Further downside movement could extend towards $3132.80 upon a break below the initial target.


It is crucial for Ethereum to hold below $3641.82 to sustain the expected decline. However, breaching this level would indicate a potential return to the main bullish trend, with targets set at $3825.00 and $4000.00.

Expected Trading Range

For today, the expected trading range for Ethereum (ETHUSD) is between the $3400.00 support and the $3660.00 resistance.

Trend Forecast: Overall Bearish

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