Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Price Keeps Negative Stability – Forecast for June 20, 2024

by Jennifer

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


Bitcoin (BTCUSD) continues to trade below the $65,485 level, maintaining a bearish trend scenario that remains valid and active for the near term. This trend is influenced by a previously completed double top pattern. The EMA50 indicator is exerting sustained downward pressure, reinforcing the continuation of the bearish wave. This outlook will persist unless the price manages to rally and surpass levels at $65,485 and subsequently $66,520 while holding above them.


Expected Trading Range

For today, the expected trading range for Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is between the $62,600 support and the $66,400 resistance.

Trend Forecast: Bearish

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