Wheat Prices Show Resilience Amidst Previous Negative Pressure – Market Analysis for February 29, 2024

by Jennifer

In a recent market analysis, wheat prices encountered noticeable downward pressure in the preceding session, approaching the 570.00 level. However, a positive turn of events has unfolded today, with prices exhibiting an upward trend above the EMA50. This positive movement is reinforced by the current positivity in stochastic indicators, fostering optimism about the potential for anticipated gains in the upcoming trading sessions. Analysts are eyeing a target of 593.00, signaling a positive outlook for wheat prices.

Consequently, a continuation of the bullish trend is recommended on an intraday basis, with a key condition being the price consolidation above 577.00. This consolidation level serves as a critical indicator for sustaining the positive momentum in the wheat market.


The expected trading range for today is anticipated to fall between the support at 572.00 and resistance at 590.00. These levels will be closely monitored by market participants, shaping their strategies in response to the dynamic wheat market.


The overall trend for today remains bullish, reflecting the resilience displayed by wheat prices in the face of previous negative pressures. Traders and investors are advised to stay vigilant and adapt their positions accordingly, considering the potential implications of this evolving market scenario.

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