Natural Gas Prices Near Target, Show Bullish Momentum – Market Analysis for February 29, 2024

by Jennifer

In a recent market analysis, the natural gas price has demonstrated a positive trajectory, leveraging a stochastic rally towards the 80-level. This movement has led to the formation of a new bullish wave, bringing the commodity in proximity to its initial target at 2.000. Analysts anticipate a temporary period of sideways fluctuation before a potential breakthrough beyond the 2.000 level. Such a development would signal the market’s readiness for additional gains, with projections extending towards 2.200. The subsequent major target stands at 2.420.

As of today, the expected trading range fluctuates between 1.810 and 2.100, reflecting the current market dynamics. Analysts remain optimistic about the bullish trend, anticipating a continued upward trajectory in the natural gas price.


Investors and stakeholders are closely monitoring these developments, recognizing the potential implications for the broader energy market. The positive momentum observed in recent sessions aligns with the overall bullish sentiment, positioning natural gas as a key player in the current market landscape.


The expected trend for today leans towards bullish, further emphasizing the positive outlook for natural gas prices. Market participants are advised to stay attuned to these developments as they unfold, considering the potential impact on trading strategies and investment decisions.

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