AUDUSD Price Awaits Further Rise: Forecast for July 8, 2024

by Jennifer

AUDUSD Price Analysis

The AUDUSD price has maintained stability above the crucial support level of $0.6728, reinforcing expectations for a sustained bullish trend in the near term. Analysts anticipate the potential for the price to reach the next target at $0.6800, driven by favorable market conditions and supported by the EMA50 indicator.


The current outlook remains optimistic for intraday and short-term trading, with technical indicators suggesting a continuation of the upward momentum. Traders are advised to monitor closely the key support level at $0.6728; a breach below this point could signal a reversal in trend, potentially targeting the $0.6640 region initially.


Expected Trading Range

Today’s trading range is projected to fluctuate between a support level of $0.6710 and a resistance level of $0.6810.

Trend Forecast: Bullish

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