USDCHF Price Crawls Upwards – Forecast for June 27, 2024

by Jennifer

USDCHF Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


The USDCHF price continues to rise steadily, approaching our target of $0.9014. This level is crucial for determining the next trend. If the price breaches this level, it could lead to further gains, targeting $0.9200 as the next main station. Conversely, if the price consolidates below $0.9014, it may resume the bearish correction, with the next target at $0.8885.


Additionally, breaking below $0.8940 would halt the current rise and push the price down towards $0.8885 initially.

Expected Trading Range

  • Support: $0.8900
  • Resistance: $0.9045

Trend Forecast: Bullish

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