USD/CHF Price Gains Positive Momentum – Forecast for June 25, 2024

by Jennifer

USD/CHF Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


The USD/CHF price is fluctuating around the EMA50, with the stochastic indicator moving out of its negative momentum zone and into oversold areas. This shift could potentially drive the price higher, targeting 0.9014 as the next main objective.


The bullish trend scenario remains valid for the upcoming period. However, a break below 0.8885 would halt the expected rise and trigger a new bearish correction, targeting 0.8780.

Expected Trading Range

Traders can expect the USD/CHF pair to trade within a range of 0.8860 support to 0.9000 resistance.

Trend Forecast

The trend forecast for USD/CHF remains bullish, provided the price holds above key support levels.

Investors and traders should monitor these levels closely to navigate today’s forex market effectively.

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