Gold Price Analysis and Forecast – June 25, 2024

by Jennifer

Today’s market outlook for gold indicates a negative trend, driven by recent developments.

Expected Scenario


Gold prices have been trading within a tight range since yesterday. Currently, stochastic indicators are showing negative overlap, suggesting a potential continuation of the bearish trend on an intraday basis. The next significant target for downward movement is projected at $2272.06. The bearish momentum is supported by the price trading below the EMA50.


Key Levels

For the bearish outlook to hold, it is crucial for the price to maintain stability below the resistance level of $2340.10. A breach above this level could signal a reversal and potential recovery towards the main bullish trend.

Expected Trading Range

Traders can anticipate trading within a range bounded by support at $2305.00 and resistance at $2340.00.

Trend Forecast

The overall trend forecast for today remains bearish, contingent on the price holding below key resistance levels.

Investors and traders are advised to monitor these levels closely as they navigate today’s gold market.

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