Natural Gas Price Forecast – June 24, 2024: Sideways Fluctuation Continues

by Jennifer

Natural Gas Price Analysis

Natural gas prices have maintained stability within a minor bullish channel, resulting in new sideways fluctuations with current positioning near $2.850. This behavior is influenced by stochastic fluctuations around the 50 level, contrasting with the MA55 rally pointing towards the key support at $2.410.


Expected Scenario


Today’s forecast anticipates continued sideways trading for natural gas prices in the short term. This pattern may persist temporarily until additional positive momentum is gained to potentially activate a bullish trend. It’s important to note that initial targets for any bullish movement are projected near $3.150 and $3.500.

Expected Trading Range

  • Support: $2.750
  • Resistance: $3.150

Trend Forecast: Bullish

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