Natural Gas Price Threatens Positive Stability – Forecast for Today – June 17, 2024

by Jennifer

Natural Gas Price Analysis

Expected Scenario


The price of natural gas began today by forming a bearish gap, settling below the crucial $2.860 support line. This development suggests the possibility of continued negative momentum, with the potential to move towards $2.740 and $2.550. The persistence below the broken support line is a key indicator of this bearish trend.


To regain a bullish outlook, natural gas would need a robust rally to surpass the $2.950 level, which could then pave the way towards positive targets near $3.200 and $3.500.

Expected Trading Range

  • Upper Boundary: $2.880
  • Lower Boundary: $2.740

Trend Forecast: Bearish

In summary, the natural gas market appears to be leaning towards a bearish trend, with significant support levels at $2.740 and $2.550. Traders should monitor these levels closely and be prepared for potential rebounds if the price can break above the $2.950 resistance.

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