Futures Spread Down 571bps

by Jennifer

The futures spread on the last day of the outgoing week fell by 571 basis points (bps) to 16.45 percent. This decline indicates a shift in market sentiment, potentially reflecting reduced investor confidence or decreased speculative trading activity.

Trading activities on the futures counter saw a notable decline. The average daily volumes decreased by 14.2 percent, dropping to 112.25 million shares from the previous week’s average of 130.79 million shares. This reduction in trading volume suggests lower engagement from market participants.


Similarly, the average daily traded value on the futures counter declined by 19.3 percent. It fell to Rs 4.56 billion during this week compared to Rs 5.66 billion in the previous week. This drop in traded value underscores the overall subdued trading activity and possibly a cautious approach adopted by traders in the futures market.


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