Natural Gas Price Nears Target – Today’s Forecast (14-05-2024)

by Jennifer

The natural gas market has seen a resurgence in bullish momentum, with prices consistently settling above the additional support level of $2.200. This resurgence has led to the formation of a new bullish wave, bringing prices closer to the first additional target of $2.420.

Stochastic indicators indicate a potential movement towards overbought areas, further bolstering the positive momentum in the market. This reinforces the bullish outlook, with expectations leaning towards the possibility of targeting the next barrier at $2.520 in the near term.


Market observers highlight the expected trading range, which is projected to be between $2.330 and $2.520. These levels are anticipated to serve as key reference points for short-term price movements, providing valuable insights for traders and investors.


Overall, the trend forecast for natural gas remains bullish, supported by recent market movements and positive momentum indicators. As market participants monitor developments, attention is focused on critical price levels and technical indicators to capitalize on potential opportunities in the natural gas market.

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