Crude Oil Price Challenges Resistance Level – Today’s Forecast (14-05-2024)

by Jennifer

The crude oil market has seen a notable uptick, with prices testing the critical resistance level at $79.60. However, recent price action suggests a bearish rebound from this level, as the EMA50 coincides with the resistance line, amplifying its significance. This development reinforces the likelihood of a resumption of the anticipated bearish trend in the near term.

Analysts point to initial downside targets, with expectations centered on a test of $77.64. A breach of this level could pave the way for further downward movement, potentially leading prices to the next significant support level at $75.25.


In light of recent market dynamics, the prevailing outlook suggests a continuation of the bearish trend over both the intraday and short-term horizons. Market participants are advised to remain cautious, particularly as prices hover near key resistance levels.


The expected trading range is delineated by support at $77.30 and resistance at $80.40. These levels are likely to serve as pivotal points for price action, offering insights into potential market direction and guiding trading strategies.

Overall, the trend forecast for crude oil remains bearish, contingent upon the ability of prices to breach and hold above the resistance level at $79.60. As market participants monitor developments, attention is focused on key technical indicators and support/resistance levels to navigate evolving market conditions effectively.

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