The price of copper remains optimistic as of today, April 2, 2024.

by Jennifer

Continuing its positive trajectory, copper prices have capitalized on the consistent stability above the additional support level of $3.9500. This reaffirms the dominance of the bullish bias in the market, with the price settling near $4.0500.

Analysis of the chart indicates a consolidation of the MA55 indicator near the key support level of $3.8500, reinforcing the containment of trades within the bullish track. Additionally, stochastic indicators suggest positive momentum, further enhancing the likelihood of surpassing the target at $4.1500 and paving the way for reaching additional stations, potentially starting at $3.3000 and $3.4200.


For today’s trading, the anticipated trading range is between $3.9800 and $4.1500.


Overall trend forecast: Bullish.

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