Gold Price Resumes its Upward Trajectory – Forecast for March 14, 2024

by Jennifer

Gold price displayed clear positive momentum in yesterday’s trading session, reaching the level of 2180.00. This reinforces expectations of a continuation of the primary bullish trend, with the initial target set at 2200.00. A successful breach of this level would extend the bullish wave, potentially leading to further gains towards the 2265.00 areas.

It is crucial to emphasize the importance of breaching the levels between 2180.00 and 2185.00 to reaffirm the positive outlook. Failure to breach these levels could prompt a reversal in price direction, potentially leading to a decline towards the key support level at 2145.35, before any subsequent attempt to rise.


For today’s trading session, the projected range is expected to fluctuate between the support level of 2160.00 and the resistance level of 2195.00, reflecting the prevailing market dynamics.


Trend Forecast: Bullish Sentiment

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