Silver Prices Confront Robust Resistance – March 13, 2024 Forecast

by Jennifer

Silver prices reached the 24.60 level and experienced a pronounced downward rebound, testing the 24.00$ barrier. Today initiates with a bullish bias, aiming to recommence the anticipated bullish trend on an intraday basis, with an eye on breaking through the mentioned level to pave the way for a potential visit to 25.00, followed by 25.50 as the subsequent positive targets.

Positive signals from technical indicators underscore the potential continuation of the expected bullish trend. It is crucial to observe that a breach of 24.10, sustained below this level, may lead to a decline towards 23.70 before any subsequent attempt to rise.


The projected trading range for today is anticipated to fluctuate between support at 23.90 and resistance at 24.70.


Trend Forecast: Bullish

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