Silver Price Exhibits Downward Momentum, Breaches Support – March 6, 2024

by Jennifer

Silver prices experienced a significant downward surge, robustly breaking below the critical level of 23.70 and concluding the daily candlestick below this support. This development marks a departure from the previously suggested positive scenario, indicating a shift towards an anticipated decline on an intraday basis, with a focus on reaching 23.00 as the next key support level.

As the bearish momentum gains traction, we anticipate a continued downward bias in the upcoming sessions. It is essential to observe that surpassing the level of 23.70 would potentially revive the bullish wave, with the next target situated at 24.60.


The anticipated trading range for today spans between the support at 23.10 and the resistance at 23.90.


Projected Trend for Today: Bearish

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