Platinum Price Issues Bearish Signal – Market Analysis – March 4, 2024

by Jennifer

In recent sessions, platinum prices have encountered substantial downward pressure, dipping below the additional support level at 876.00. However, a noteworthy reversal unfolded as the price managed to reclaim positive ground, closing above the aforementioned support, as indicated on the chart.

It is essential to recognize the conflicting signals emanating from major indicators and the stochastic indicator’s exit from overbought zones. These factors may intensify the negative pressures on the price, potentially leading to a renewed descent beneath the current support line. Such a move would confirm a resumption of the bearish trajectory, with potential targets at 859.00 and a subsequent decline to 840.00 in the medium-term period. Maintaining a position below the additional resistance at 900.00 is deemed critical to this bearish outlook.


For today, the anticipated trading range is expected to fluctuate between 892.00 (resistance) and 870.00 (support), encapsulating the current bearish sentiment.


In summary, platinum prices exhibit a bearish stance, with potential downside pressures influenced by conflicting indicators. Market participants are advised to closely monitor support and resistance levels to gauge potential price movements.

Projected Trading Range for Today: 892.00 (Resistance) – 870.00 (Support)

Anticipated Trend for Today: Bearish

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