Natural Gas Price Maintains Positive Momentum – Analysis for 1-3-2024

by Jennifer

The natural gas price exhibited continued positivity, marking a new upward close above the 1.800 level. This movement establishes the neckline of a double bottom pattern evident on the chart, enhancing the likelihood of a resumption of the bullish trajectory in both the near-term and medium-term periods.

Additionally, the stochastic indicator indicates positive momentum, further bolstering the probability of surpassing the psychological barrier at 2.000. The market anticipates a direct move towards the 2.200 level, with subsequent targets set at 2.4200, eventually encountering the MA55.


The projected trading range for the day is expected to fluctuate between 1.850 and 2.100, indicative of bullish sentiment prevailing in the market.


Expected Trend for Today: Bullish

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