Positive Momentum in Wheat Prices Breaks Minor Resistance – Market Analysis as of February 28, 2024

by Jennifer

In a notable development, wheat prices exhibited a clear positive trend yesterday, successfully surpassing the minor resistance at 578.40 and settling above it. This breakthrough indicates a concerted effort to recover and sets the stage for potential further gains in the upcoming trading sessions, with an initial target of testing 593.00.

Consequently, a bullish bias is anticipated for today’s market activities. Should the targeted level of 593.00 be breached, the price is poised to advance towards 605.00 as the next significant station. It is essential to note that breaking below the recently surpassed resistance at 578.40 would signify a return to the main bearish trajectory, leading towards the achievement of negative targets, commencing at 550.00.


The projected trading range for today is expected to fluctuate between the support level at 575.00 and the resistance at 595.00. The prevailing trend for today leans towards a bullish sentiment, considering the successful breach of the minor resistance and the potential for further positive movements in wheat prices.


Market participants are advised to closely monitor the performance of wheat prices, particularly the levels of 578.40 and 593.00, to gauge the strength and sustainability of the current upward momentum. The trading dynamics could hold implications for future price movements and overall market sentiment.

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