Positive Momentum for Natural Gas Prices – Market Analysis – February 27, 2024

by Jennifer

Recent market analysis indicates a favorable trend for natural gas prices, as the commodity has successfully maintained its bullish stance by establishing support above the 1.560 level. Notably, the price has responded to the positive signals from stochastic indicators, experiencing an upswing towards 1.760.

Sustained upward pressures will serve to strengthen the overall bullish sentiment. It is crucial to highlight that the initial primary target is situated at 2.000. Surpassing this resistance level would pave the way for a renewed bullish momentum in the medium term, with the next target projected at 2.200.


Today’s Expected Trading Range: 1.640 – 1.950


This analysis suggests a bullish trend for natural gas prices, emphasizing the potential for further positive movements in the market. Traders and investors may anticipate a target range between 1.640 and 1.950 for the current trading session.

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