Silver Price Experiences Downward Pressure, Testing Crucial Support at $23.70

by Jennifer

The silver market is currently grappling with bearish influences, with the price encountering significant downward pressure, reaching a critical support level at $23.70. Analysts are advising caution in upcoming trading sessions, emphasizing the necessity for the price to maintain levels above this crucial support to sustain the prevailing bullish trend scenario. The target for the bullish trend is set at $24.60 as the next milestone.

Positive signals from the Stochastic oscillator are contributing to the optimism surrounding the positive scenario. It is crucial to note that a breach below the $23.70 support level could disrupt the anticipated upward movement, potentially triggering a reversal towards a bearish trajectory.


Market analysts have outlined the expected trading range for the current session, indicating support at $23.50 and resistance at $24.30. Traders and investors are closely monitoring these levels for potential shifts in market dynamics.


As of now, the overall trend outlook for the day remains cautiously optimistic, with a bullish bias. However, market participants are advised to stay vigilant and responsive to any developments, especially in the context of the critical support level at $23.70.

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