Soybean Price Exhibits Resilience, Surpassing Resistance and Initiating a Bullish Wave

by Jennifer

Soybean prices showcased a robust rebound, clearly bouncing back after attaining the anticipated negative target at 1295.00. The recent surge propelled the price to breach the resistance level at 1311.70, establishing a settlement above it. This significant development marks a deviation from the previously suggested negative scenario, signaling a shift in momentum towards an upward trajectory.

The newfound bullish momentum is poised to catalyze further price gains, with the initial targets set at 1325.00 and extending to 1348.00 upon surpassing the preceding level.


To facilitate the attainment of the suggested targets, the breach of 1316.50 will prove advantageous. It is imperative for the price to maintain a position above 1311.70 to sustain the anticipated upward movement.


For today’s trading parameters, the expected range oscillates between support at 1300.00 and resistance at 1335.00.

The prevailing trend anticipated for today leans decisively towards a bullish outlook, underlining the resilience of soybean prices as they breach resistance levels and embark on a positive trajectory.

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