Gold Prices Close Positively as Intraday Trends Signal Bullish Momentum

by Jennifer

The price of gold exhibited fluctuations, hovering around the 2065.70 level. Notably, the daily closure above this threshold supports the ongoing bullish trend for the intraday and short-term outlook. The price movement is influenced by the presence of a double bottom pattern apparent on the chart, reinforcing the anticipation of a bullish trajectory. It’s crucial to highlight that the next target is projected at the 2100.00 level.

The upcoming sessions are expected to witness further upward movement, backed by the EMA50. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that a failure to consolidate above 2065.70 may introduce negative pressure, potentially prompting a test of the 2047.00 level initially.


As of today, the projected trading range is anticipated to fluctuate between the support level of 2050.00 and the resistance level of 2085.00.


The prevailing trend for today is anticipated to be bullish, reflecting the positive sentiment in the gold market.

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