Stability Marks Precious Metal Markets as Gold and Silver Prices Hold Steady

by Jennifer

During the early hours of Monday trading, the prices of gold and silver exhibited a consistent trend, remaining unchanged in the market. According to data from the GoodReturns website, the value of 24-carat gold stood firm, with ten grams of this precious metal maintaining a price of Rs 63,490. Simultaneously, the price of silver exhibited stability, with one kilogram of the precious metal retaining a value of Rs 79,000.

The pricing scenario was mirrored in the 22-carat gold category, where the cost of ten grams remained static at Rs 58,200.


Notably, the pricing uniformity extended across major cities, with Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad all reporting a consistent rate of Rs 63,490 for ten grams of 24-carat gold. Meanwhile, in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai, the prices for the same quantity of 24-carat gold were reported at Rs 63,640, Rs 63,490, and Rs 64,090, respectively.


For ten grams of 22-carat gold, Mumbai aligned its pricing with Kolkata and Hyderabad at Rs 58,200. Similarly, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai reported rates of Rs 58,350, Rs 58,200, and Rs 58,750, respectively.

In both Delhi and Mumbai, the price of one kilogram of silver was steady at Rs 79,000. However, Chennai recorded a slight variation with one kilogram of silver trading at Rs 80,500.

The overall stability in gold and silver prices across these major cities indicates a period of relative equilibrium in the precious metal markets, offering investors a clear snapshot of the current valuation landscape.

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