Brent Oil Price Achieves Initial Target, Faces Resistance at $80.30

by Jennifer

Brent oil price successfully reached our initial target at $80.30, encountering significant resistance at this level. Subsequently, the price displayed a mild bearish inclination, testing the support at $79.00. However, current market dynamics indicate a renewed positive momentum, suggesting the potential continuation of the anticipated bullish trend for the intraday session. It’s noteworthy that our subsequent target rests at $81.00.

Supporting the case for an upward movement, the stochastic indicator is signaling positive momentum, complemented by the EMA50, which provides additional support from below. It is imperative to closely monitor the price action, with a particular focus on the critical support level at $78.70. A breach of this level could exert intraday downward pressure, targeting the $77.44 range before a potential resurgence.


For the current trading session, the anticipated range oscillates between support at $78.00 and resistance at $81.00.


In summary, the prevailing trend for today leans towards a bullish sentiment in Brent oil prices. Nevertheless, vigilance is crucial, and the level at $78.70 assumes significance as a determinant factor for the intraday trajectory, with a breach potentially leading to short-term negative pressure.

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