Silver Prices Display Renewed Bullish Momentum

by Jennifer

In recent trading sessions, silver prices have once again demonstrated positive movements, making notable gains and nearing the anticipated target at 24.60. This resurgence reinforces expectations for the continuation of the bullish trend. It’s noteworthy that a successful breach of this level would further extend the bullish wave, with the next target set at 25.50.

The EMA50, serving as a key indicator, continues to provide support to the anticipated bullish trajectory. The validity of this bullish outlook is contingent upon the maintenance of levels above 23.70.


Looking at the potential trading range for the current session, it is expected to fluctuate between the support level of 23.90 and the resistance level of 24.70.


In summary, the prevailing trend for the day is anticipated to be bullish, with close attention to key levels for potential confirmation and the prospect of further upward movements in silver prices.

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