Silver Prices Surge, Attain Significant Gains

by Jennifer

Silver prices exhibited robust positivity in recent trading sessions, successfully surpassing the 23.00 and 23.70 levels. The metal has settled above the latter, effectively halting the negative trend observed in previous trades and indicating a trajectory towards anticipated additional gains in the short-term. The next target on the horizon stands at 24.60.

The outlook for upcoming sessions suggests a continued upward movement, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a position above 23.70 to sustain the bullish trend and prevent potential negative pressures.


In today’s market dynamics, the anticipated trading range is forecasted to fluctuate between the support level at 23.60 and the resistance level at 24.50.


Overall, the prevailing trend for today leans towards a bullish sentiment, highlighting the potential for further silver price appreciation in the short term.

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