A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disable Futures Trading

by Jennifer

KuCoin, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, provides a comprehensive suite of services for digital asset trading. For users who prefer focusing solely on spot trading and wish to disable futures trading features, KuCoin offers a seamless process to tailor your experience.

Understanding Futures Trading on KuCoin

Before delving into the process of disabling futures on KuCoin, it’s essential to grasp the concept of futures trading. Futures contracts allow traders to speculate on the future price movements of various assets, including cryptocurrencies. On KuCoin, the futures platform enables users to engage in leveraged trading, providing the opportunity for amplified returns but also exposing traders to increased risk.


Disabling futures on KuCoin is a practical choice for users who prefer a more straightforward spot trading experience or those who want to avoid the additional risk associated with leveraged positions. By turning off the futures features, users can streamline their interface and focus solely on spot trading activities.


Navigating the KuCoin Platform

To disable futures on KuCoin, begin by logging into your KuCoin account. Once logged in, navigate to the trading dashboard, where you’ll find an array of trading options, including spot and futures markets. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s layout, ensuring a smooth transition between different sections.

On the KuCoin dashboard, spot trading allows users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the current market price. Futures trading, on the other hand, involves contracts that derive their value from the underlying asset’s future price. Disabling futures features will declutter your interface, creating a more straightforward and focused trading environment.

Accessing the Account Settings

To disable futures on KuCoin, access your account settings by clicking on your profile icon or username, typically located in the top right corner of the platform. A dropdown menu will appear, presenting various options related to your account. Look for the “Settings” or “Account Settings” option and click on it to proceed.

Within the account settings, users can customize various aspects of their KuCoin experience, including security settings, API management, and notification preferences. To disable futures, locate the specific setting related to futures trading or trading preferences. KuCoin usually provides an intuitive interface that guides users through the customization process.

Disabling Futures Trading Features

Once you’ve accessed the account settings and located the futures trading preferences, you’ll find options related to enabling or disabling futures features. The platform often provides a toggle switch or checkbox that allows users to turn off futures trading functionalities.

Click on the toggle switch or checkbox to disable futures trading features. Some platforms may prompt users to confirm their decision, ensuring that changes to trading preferences are intentional. Confirm your choice to disable futures, and the platform will promptly update your settings, reflecting the changes.

Confirming Changes and Verifying Preferences

After disabling futures trading features on KuCoin, it’s advisable to confirm that your preferences have been updated successfully. Navigate back to the trading dashboard and check for the absence of futures trading options or sections. Your interface should now reflect a streamlined and spot-focused trading environment.

Additionally, review your account settings to ensure that the changes have been accurately applied. Double-check the futures trading preferences to confirm that the toggle switch or checkbox is in the disabled position. Verifying these changes ensures that your trading experience aligns with your preferences and risk tolerance.

Customizing Spot Trading Preferences

With futures trading disabled, take advantage of the opportunity to customize your spot trading preferences on KuCoin. Explore options related to spot trading interfaces, order types, and charting tools. KuCoin often provides advanced charting features, allowing users to conduct technical analysis and make informed spot trading decisions.

Consider setting up additional security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), to enhance the overall security of your KuCoin account. Exploring and customizing spot trading preferences ensures that your KuCoin experience is tailored to your specific needs and trading style.

Educational Resources and Support

For users who may be new to cryptocurrency trading or those looking to enhance their trading knowledge, KuCoin offers a range of educational resources and customer support options. Explore educational materials, including articles, tutorials, and guides, available on the KuCoin platform. These resources can provide valuable insights into cryptocurrency markets, trading strategies, and risk management practices.

If you encounter any challenges or have specific questions about disabling futures on KuCoin, the platform’s customer support team is readily available to assist. KuCoin typically provides a responsive customer support system, offering assistance through live chat, email, or support tickets. Engaging with customer support ensures that you have a reliable source of information and assistance throughout your trading journey.

Utilizing Spot Trading Strategies on KuCoin

With futures trading disabled, focus on honing your spot trading strategies on KuCoin. Spot trading involves the immediate exchange of assets at the current market price, without the use of leverage. Consider implementing the following strategies to optimize your spot trading experience:

Trend Following:

Utilize trend-following strategies by identifying and trading in the direction of prevailing market trends. Technical analysis tools, such as moving averages and trendlines, can aid in identifying potential trend reversals or continuations.

Swing Trading:

Explore swing trading strategies, taking advantage of short to medium-term price swings in the market. Identify key support and resistance levels and execute trades based on anticipated price movements within these ranges.

Risk Management:

Prioritize risk management to safeguard your capital. Set stop-loss orders at strategic levels, ensuring that potential losses are controlled. Adjust position sizes based on your risk-reward ratio to align with your overall risk tolerance.


Diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio by exploring various assets available for spot trading on KuCoin. Diversification helps spread risk and capture opportunities in different segments of the market.

Continuous Learning:

Stay informed about market developments, news, and emerging trends in the cryptocurrency space. Continuous learning is key to adapting to changing market conditions and refining your trading strategies.


Disabling futures on KuCoin is a straightforward process that allows users to tailor their trading experience to match their preferences. By focusing solely on spot trading, users can simplify their interface, reduce potential risks associated with leverage, and concentrate on executing strategic spot trading decisions.

As with any trading platform, it’s crucial to stay informed, continuously learn, and adapt your strategies to evolving market conditions. KuCoin offers a versatile environment for both spot and futures trading, empowering users to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading with confidence and efficiency.

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