Natural Gas Prices Show Signs of Bullish Momentum

by Jennifer

Natural gas prices have recently capitalized on their upward momentum, finding support around the 2.850 mark, bolstered by the presence of the 55-day moving average (MA55). This development reinforces the previously proposed bullish trend, which has already yielded substantial gains, pushing the price up to 3.280.

Sustaining levels above 3.100, combined with the consistent positive signals emanating from key indicators, have laid the foundation for a continuation of the bullish trajectory. The next significant hurdle to overcome is the 3.550 mark, and a successful breach of this resistance level could propel the price to the subsequent target of 3.950.


In today’s trading scenario, the expected range lies between 3.100 and 3.550, with the prevailing trend remaining bullish. Investors and market participants are closely monitoring these developments in the natural gas market.


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