Coffee Prices Teeter on Resistance Amid Market Uncertainty

by Jennifer

In the realm of coffee price movements, recent market dynamics have displayed a strong corrective and bullish rebound. Notably, coffee prices struggled to breach the additional support level at 141.75, leading to a pivot towards the major resistance at 166.40. This pivotal level stands as a defining line that will shape the future trajectory, potentially guiding the market into a bullish channel or reinvigorating bearish endeavors in the near term.

It’s essential to acknowledge that the market is currently grappling with a divergence among major indicators, a factor that’s likely to foster temporary sideways trading. Yet, if the price fails to decisively surpass the existing resistance, it could tip the balance in favor of bearish tendencies. In such a scenario, we may anticipate a gradual descent towards support levels at 160.40 and 151.80.


In today’s trading landscape, it is reasonable to anticipate a trading range bounded by 166.00 on the upper end and 160.40 on the lower side. However, the precise trend remains somewhat uncertain, with bearish sentiments looming.


As coffee prices tread on the precipice of resistance, market participants are bracing for a period of uncertainty, where the forces of bulls and bears continue to clash. The journey ahead hinges on the resolution of these opposing dynamics.

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