Soybean Price Nears Essential Support Level

by Jennifer

In a period marked by serene bearish trading, the soybean price is gravitating towards a pivotal juncture at 1385.00—the significant support level. It’s notable that the stochastic indicator currently signals an oversold condition, a dynamic that bolsters the likelihood of an impending revival in positive price movement. This resurgence could potentially pave the way for the attainment of the subsequent target at 1430.40.

The influential presence of the EMA50 beneath the price continues to serve as a foundation of support, amplifying the prospects for the anticipated bullish wave across both the intraday and short-term horizons. This trajectory’s viability is contingent upon the price’s ability to sustain itself above the critical threshold at 1385.00.


Today’s projected trading spectrum encompasses the support at 1385.00 and the resistance at 1430.00.


The projected trend for today maintains a bullish outlook.

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