Central Banks Embrace Gold as Newest Asset Class

by Jennifer

In the realm of finance, the oldest form of currency is once again proving its worth as a hedge against uncertainty, attracting the attention of contemporary custodians: central banks.

While the surge in the price of gold to record highs garnered relatively little attention a few weeks ago, the same period saw Bitcoin, another store of value, capturing widespread interest, particularly in mainstream media coverage. The Financial Times delved into investing in crypto miners, explored the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies, and lamented the restrictions facing UK investors seeking exposure to Bitcoin ETFs. The Telegraph dedicated a significant portion of its pages to guides on purchasing Bitcoin, and even the Daily Mail’s Market Report section featured mentions of Bitcoin’s performance. The Times, too, highlighted the struggles of UK investors facing regulatory hurdles in accessing what some herald as the asset of the century.


In this dichotomy of attention, central banks have quietly reaffirmed their faith in gold, recognizing its enduring value as a hedge against economic uncertainty and market volatility. While cryptocurrencies may dominate headlines, gold remains a cornerstone of stability for institutions entrusted with safeguarding financial systems.


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